Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weight Loss Update

So it has now been 6 weeks and things are moving along. I have lost a total of 16 pounds! But most importantly this new normal has become a new routine. We dont call it a diet, we know that this cant be something we do, lose weight then go back to the way it was. This is our new normal. The way we want to live our lives for the rest of our lives. Dont get me wrong it hasnt been easy and we have both had rough days and set backs. Carl's has been his bad knee. He popped it out a couple weeks ago and hasnt been able to walk or do any cardio. He has been doing some weights and other exercising but he hasnt lost any weight in the last couple weeks but he has maintained and thats awesome! I have had a few rough days...mostly because when food that I have the most trouble with are around I seem to eat them then I feel quilty. My biggest enemy seems to be breads. I know I have a bread addiction, and I binge snack on it. But I have been working on it and trying to say no to myself. Not an easy thing for me to do, its something I have always done when alone, like eating an extra biscuit after supper while doing the dishes. I have been tempted and I have failed a couple times in the last few weeks, but its ok, I have been more aware that I do it and I have been confessing it to Carl and making myself work a little harder the next day. I am still seeing progress and everytime I get on the scale and see a loss it makes me want to work harder. All of the encouragement I have been getting from my friends and family has been the most motivating though. To hear my mom say she is proud of me, to have people say good job on my weekly facebook updates and to have people say they are beginning to notice changes in my body have been so encouraging and makes me want to work even harder. It keeps me going when I want to give up. The best moment so far was last weekend when I put on a pair of dress pants I havent had on since Christmas. At Christmas time they were tight and I was unable to button the last button and Sunday when I put them on for church they were loose and I was able to button that button I hadnt been able to before. A small victory but one step that I am proud of and I cant wait for more of those victories!!!! I am thinking of starting a new blog to follow my weight loss and share some things I have learned that work and some healthy recipes. Not sure yet but if I do I will let you know!!!


  1. I have this outfit laying out that I want to someday fit into, it's this really cute outfit that I used to fit into! I want to try doing the marble/jars and see if "seeing" the weight loss will help me!!

    I hope I can lose as much weight as you have lost. You're such an encouragement! I'm praying for your weight loss journey to continue and be as fulfilling!

  2. Thank you Abigail, I am praying for you too!!!