Thursday, September 1, 2011

Relaunching This Blog

Good day everyone. Sorry I have been a little lacks in my blogging lately. Its been a busy summer. But today is a new day and I am pleased to be relaunching this blog! Today I woke up feeling alive and renewed, full of energy, pumped up ad ready to take on some new challenges. Its a new day and a new month. A perfect time to start something new, take on those new challenges or make some changes. So today I am relaunching this blog, starting the Respect Dare(more info coming tomorrow if your interested) I am getting ready to start a new Bible study, getting my baking baking price list ready for the fall. I have been busy pickling, gather recipes and baking since the weather has cooled down enough to turn the oven on! I am excited about new prospects for the future. Excited about our trip this weekend to our favorite place- Saint Andrews( I will share some pics and details next week when we get back) and just excited about life in general. Life is Great!
I read this passage this morning and it really inspired me and I would like to share it with you:

Greeting the day. Most of us have forgotten how to greet the day. The knowledge is all but lost to us that a new day is sacred: a gift from God, a rare and precious gift. A new day brings with it the opportunity to stat all over, to raise one's head from the pillow and with a glad heart to watch the clouds roll across the dark sky now diffusing pink, and to breathe that child prayer of gratitude,"Oh God, life again, Again, one more day of life". We must relearn how to stand in awe, how to face for a moment the eastern sky, with praise and thanksgiving and allow our hearts to be filled with a corresponding inner daybreak of adoration. We must learn to not ever take for granted-no matter how pain filled our life- that we are alive and the earth still turns on its axis, that evil has not wobbled the course of the earth while we slept: and that we must understand this sacremental symbol, this reenactment of life which come resurrecting every twenty four hours. Celebrating each new day helps us develop the ability to be grateful for all the new moments and for the God who is in each of those moments. The discipline of celebrating each new day influences our attitude toward all of life. A new day signifies: The Lord of mornings is still sovereign over the world.   Karen Burton Mains

I hope this passage inspires you like it did me. I hope each of you joins me in celebrating each new day, and the wonders it brings. I hope it inspires you to be grateful for each moment you are given and to live it to the fullest, because it it really the most precious gift we are given. I look forward to relaunching this blog and I hope it and I can be of some inspiration to you.

Till tomorrow

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