Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 7 of my 35 till 35 Challenge and Real Marriage.

Here is my faceless portrait for my 35 till 35 Photo Challenge.
 I choose this because no one else has this tattoo, so it is distinctly mine. I went to the tattoo parlor with a couple friends, starting looking through the drawings of the tattoo artist and instantly this one spoke to me. I love the moon and stars and the vines and flowers made it so feminine. The tattoo artist was very excited I had picked that one because he had drawn it 12 years before that and no one had ever picked it, it was meant for me.

So yesterday I posted a link to a video by Jefferson Bethke entitled "Sex, Marriage and Fairytales" it was inspired but Bethke's pastor Mark Driscoll's new book and sermon series called "Real Marriage".  Now I havent read the book yet but Carl and I did watch the first of the sermon series the other night, it was entitled "New Marriage, Same Spouse" here is the link if your interested In this book Driscoll and his wife Grace talk about everything from friendship in marriage to sex. The first sermon in the series was mostly an introduction and he shares their testimony and how through honesty and friendship and setting priorities in which God comes first they have been given a new marriage with the same spouse. They put an emphasizes on being completely honest with your spouse, laying it all out on the line to them about your past sins, so they know who they are marrying and if this isnt done how it can destroy your marriage later on. It lead to a great discussion between Carl and I after we finished watching it which made us both feel closer and stronger as a couple with a better understanding of who we each were and what we want from our marriage. I totally agree with Pastor Mark that the best marriages are based on a strong foundation of friendship and a strong willingness to put God and your spouse as your most important priorities in your life above work and  even your children!!!!! Carl and I are hoping through this series we grow even closer. If you get a chance check it through the link above and if you so let me know what you think!