Monday, August 20, 2012

Why Do I Blog??

Why do I blog?? I was pondering this question this morning as I lay in my bed not feeling well. I have 2 blogs, this one and a recipe one. I am a sporatic blogger at best, sometimes letting life get in the way. I was trying to come up with an interesting topic for a blog post and I asked myself why do I blog anyway, no one reads it, no one is interested in reading about your crazy life, you are not an expert on anything , and you are not famous. So why do I write this blog and why should anyone read it?

It all started when I was a child, my real dream in life was to be a writer. I loved reading books and imaged someday writing a book and millions of people flipping through the pages of a novel I had written and escaping into the imaginary world that I had created. Well here I am 35 years later and I am not that famous writer, I have not written that novel yet. I am stay at home wife. A decision my husband and I made together a few years ago. I have a great family, a few wonderful friends and a very happy fulfilling life.

A few years ago I came across my first blog and instantly became a fan. Since then I have found other blogs on different topics. I have learned so much from ordinary woman just like me. Each of these woman all have different life experiences and different gifts to share. I thought I could this, so I started this blog. I had no intentions for it, no idea what it should say, no message I wanted to share. But it has slowly tuned into something I am proud of. I love the name, living a life of joy and gratitude, something that I strive to do everyday and something that has served me well, a life lesson I can share with others. And this is what I have learned over the last little bit, I am an expert on my life. I have lived through a lot of things in my 35 years, some of it not good but most of it wonderful. And if I can share that with others and inspire others to try to live with joy and gratitude then I have accomplished something.

I may not have a huge amount of followers but thats ok, I am greatful for the followers I have and the feedback I have received and the new friends I have made. Through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the blogs I have been inspired and want to share the things I have learned.

So I blog to share my life and the lessons I have learned so far, to inspire other people and to learn from others. Its my way of being a famous author. Its writing what I know! I blog cause its fun and to let that author inside of me come out. Maybe someday I will sit down and write that book or novel but until then I will write here. My own little space to share my thoughts, my ideas, my story !


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