Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Marriage Challenge

I love challenges!!! I especially love challenges that serve to make relationships stronger, so today I am posting a 3o Day Marriage Challenge (if you arent married you could do this challenge with a boy/girl friend, your best friend, even your children, just make a few changes). Once a week I will post an update on the challenge and how its going in my relationship. If you decide to do it also, I would love to hear how its going for you too!!! Here are all the days  challenges listed in order:

1.Ask "what can I help you with today?"
2.Go a whole day without correcting your husband today
3.Hug your husband 3 times today
4.Kiss your husband the first time you see him today
5.Tell yourself " he really loves us and is doing his best for us everyday"
6.Bake, make or buy his favorite food
7.Leave him a sweet note
8.Put at least one date night on your calender this month
9.Imagine what it feels to be in your husbands shoes
10.Todays focus: Kindness
11.Tell him " I am so glad I married you"
12.Pray for wisdom in being a wife
13.Do not use sarcasm with your husband today
14.Remember that being a wife is a blessing
15.Think only positive thoughts about your husband today
16.Thank him for all he does for you and your family
17.Laugh with your husband today
18.Who is a wife you admire? Try to be more like her today
19.Dont ask him to any chores or honey-dos today
20.Todays focus:Patience
21.Forgive him when he makes a mistake
22.Assume the best about your husband today
23.Treat him with respect today
24.Do not interrupt your husband when he talking
25.Ask your husband his opinion today
26.Encourage your husband
27.Do something good for his health today(make a healthy dinner, go for a walk together, make an appointment for his annual checkup)
28.Look at him admiringly, make sure he notices
29.Turn off your cell phone, computer, or tv when he is in the room and give him your full attention
30.Todays focus: Love

I hope you all join me in this challenge, its so important to put your relationships as a priority and show those more important to us, just how important they are!


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