Thursday, September 6, 2012

Daytime Date Ideas

Everyday(we almost everyday) feels like a date for Carl and I but I know many of you have kids and getting a babysitter for date night can be tough ,so how about a Day Date, maybe finding a sitter for a Saturday or Sunday might be easier,here are some ideas for this very special daytime date.
  • Go out for brunch. Finding a place with nice outdoor seating is a bonus.
  • Play golf, mini golf, tennis or beach volleyball.
  • Go on a hike, run, or bike ride to enjoy the passing scenery. Don’t forget your camera.
  • Go to the beach or lake for a refreshing swim or walk along the shore. If it’s too cold to swim, try flying a kite together.
  • Rent a convertible  or any other kind of car and go for a drive in the country. If you can’t afford this option take your own!
  • Go on a literary picnic. Pack your favorite novel and plan lunch around the setting of the book. Take turns reading the book aloud to each other. Or camp out at your favorite bookstore and scan the aisles for a new favorite.
  • Go to a movie matinee. Sit on the back row and kiss often!!
  • Go canoeing or kayaking on a river.
  • Visit a local museum.
  • Go to a farmer’s market and pick up your favorite food for dinner.
  • Play a board game in a local park, like Scrabble, Chess or Checkers.
The most important part of a regular date together is keeping the enjoyment of each other’s company at the forefront. In the business of life this is often the first thing to be neglected, but at what cost! Your relationship will still be there after all your children are grown and gone. What it looks like then depends on how you invest in it now.Carl and I dont have children(yet) and we like to do these types of activities now and someday if we have children we will still take the time to do things like these and make our marriage a priority. Make sure your relationship is a priority too!!!

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