Friday, May 14, 2010

100 Things I am Grateful For!

1 freshly mowed grass
2 homemade gifts
3 chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven
4 a hot bubble bath
5 sleeping with the windows open
6 chocolate covered stawberries
7 random acts of kindness
8 a phone call from someone to just say hi or I Love You!
9 a stocked freezer
10 checking things off my to do list
11 picnics on the beach
12 surprsie I Love You notes
13 a fresh coat of paint
14 thunderstorms
15 a clean bathroom
16 falling asleep with clean sheets and freshly shaved legs
17 fresh picked wild flowers
18 movie night at home
19 writing in my journal
20 forgiveness
21 cuddles and purrs from Bailey
22 new underwear
23 waking up with sunshine in my face
24 people who spay and neuter their pets
25 my digital camera
26 free outdoor concerts and movies
27 my crockpot
28 smores at a campfire
29 the search of self discovery
30 turkey sandwiches late at night after a big turkey dinner
31 books I have read and the ability to read
32 that Carl lets me sing in the truck without complaining
33 our king size bed and lots of room to stretch out
34 that I am independent but I have friends and family to fall back on
35 happy tears
36 slippers that glow in th dark
37 the peace I feel when I go to Church
38 my amazing best friend of over 20 years, Angie!
39 money in my wallet
40 watching someone do something they have much pasion for
41 sharing housework with someone else
42 honesty
43 being able to admit when I am wrong
44 strangers who say "hi" when you pass them on the street
45 getting a haircut
46 facebook
47 my mom
48 fruit especially oranges
49 being able to trust my intuition
50 long drives with no particular destination
51 Angie's salsa dip
52 New Years
53 a good respectful debate
54 that I have clean water to drink
55 BBQ parties on the deck
56 recylcing
57 Sophie and the patience she has taught me
58 the book "The Love Dare"
59 Friday night pizza night
60 my childhood
61 that I learned how to play crib
62 wine
63 my sister
64 when my house is clean
65 feeling safe when I am with my husband
66 hot chocolate on a cold day
67 time to meditate
68 finally feeling like I am an adult
69 memoreis and photo albums
70 when my favorite sports team wins
71 my home
72 my grandparents
73 pie
74 sunsets
75 kisses and hugs
76 knowing the difference between right and wrong
77 umbrellas on a rainy day
78 good neighbors
79 painted toenails
80 homemade bread fresh out of the oven
81 our truck
82 having travelled by airplane
83 planting a flower garden
84 when my favorite song comes on the radio
85 all the foster parents out there looking after kids who arent their own
86 not regretting my past and having learned from my mistakes
87 Carl's job
88 my dad
89 the stars and moon
90 ordering takeout late at night
91 crying during a sad movie
92 rainbows
93 Christmas traditions
94 family gatherings
95 Saturday morning waffles
96 barefeet
97 teachers
98 Carl
99 Being alive
100 Finishing this list!

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