Thursday, May 13, 2010


What an exciting day yesterday in our house! Well not overly exciting but pretty cool, our favorite hockey team, the Montreal Canadiens, beat out the Stanley cup champs to move on the next round of the playoffs!  Carl was pretty excited, he has been a lifelong Habs fan and hasnt seen his team do this well in the playoffs since they last won the cup in the 90s! While Carl was watching the game in the living room I was cuddled up in bed watching American Idol and switching back during the commercials to check the game, but I pretty much knew what was going on from the cheers from the living room.  Ours is a house filled with sports almost everyday. I have always loved hockey and nascar, but since Carl and I have been together I have become very fond of baseball. It is Carl's favorite sport and now that I know the rules I have become hooked. If there is a game on, then its probably being watched at our house. Carl was a baseball and soccer player in is younger days, now he plays softball in a mens league here in the city.  We watch nascar every weekend and cheer for our favorite drivers( Dale Jr for Carl and Tony Stewart for me!), its a ritual and even on our wedding night the tv was on in the hotel room so we could see the end of the race! We watch the Olympics, Junior hockey championships and any other popular sporting events going. We love sports and love cheering for our favorite teams...Go Habs!

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