Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where to start.....

I can think of a million topics I would like to write about and cant decide where to start. So this one is just gonna be a jumble of ideas and we will see where it takes us. I am sure some of these things will end up as a topic all their own in the future. This year I made a resolution to have a more peaceful year, I wanted more love, peace , positivity and quiet in my life. I wanted to be happy, be less judgemental of people, to enjoy life, to be happy with simplier things, to enjoy the smallest things, to learn, be healthier, be kinder to the environment, be more consciencious of the world around me and be more compassionate and giving. So far so good...I think. We starting going back to church, actually we are part of a group who started a new church, its such a happy, postive place where people are so friendly to each other and people really care and share love with each other. It is a joy to get up every Sunday morning and go there. My husband started the year in the hospital, not a fun place to spend New Years!! He had high blood pressure and was in the hospital for a week, his father had a stroke in his early forties and Carl is approaching that age, he had many tests done and it was a scary time for both of us, but no damage was done to his heart and it served more as a wake up call for us. He has lost 20 pounds since January and we now eat better, and started walking. I am so proud of him and so thankful that we got the wake up call before real tragedy struck. We also started the process of adoption this year. Both of us have alweays wanted children and we started trying right after we got married. Almost 3 years later it hasnt happened yet. We have has some tests done and the doctor says there is no medical reason why it hasnt, but like I said before Carl is approaching 40 and I am in my 30s. We dont want to keep trying for years and then be left with no family or start trying to adopt when we are older, so we decided now was the time. If down the road we get pregnant, thats great we will have an adopted child and one born to us, but either way we will be happy. Right now we are taking the PRIDE training course, I will keep you updated on the process! Some other topics that will probably come up will be cooking, I am obsessed with finding and trying new recipes. Autism is another topic close to my heart. My 5 year old neice was diagnosed with autism 3 years ago. She has taught me so much about patience and compassion. Her mother is a single parent dealing with this on her own, I am very proud of her and I hope I can help shed a little light on the subject and bring some awareness to this disorder and fuel some compassion towards all the parents and children dealing with this. So I am sure these and other topics will pop up, I am sure some will be rants, other inspiring stores and maybe just a laugh or tow, we all need a funny story and a laugh now and again! Hope everyone enjoys their day and finds some small thing to smile and be greatful about.


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