Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Meal Plans and Grocery Lists

I think the best way to save time, stress and money is to make a meal plan.

Do you always hear "What's for dinner?
Do you make frequent trips to the grocery store?
Do you find yourself eating out alot?

If you answered yes to these questions than meal planning maybe something you need to try. If you have never meal planned before, it may seem like a daunting task but once you get into the groove, it will become easier and fun...I promise!

Here are some easy steps to help you get started:
1.Decide on the length of your meal plan, depending on what works for your family and your budget. and whether you are going to plan for all 3 meal, or just some of them. I do mine for 2 weeks at a time because Carl gets paid every two weeks and  I plan mostly dinners, and all weekend meals.
2.Get a blank calender, a worksheet or blank paper and write out what works for you. Below are some examples.

3. Make a list of your families favorite meals. There are certain things we like to eat on a regular basis, like pizza, speghetti, nachos and chicken wraps, so I include these on my meal plan on a regular basis. We actually have certain nights that we always have these favorite meals, like Friday night is always pizza night at our house. Its a fun way to create traditions.
4. Search for new recipes you want to try, you may want to pick one night a week where you try the new recipes, you never know.. ..your family might love it and it could become one of your regular meals.
5.Write out your meal plan, making a grocery list at the same time of ingredients you need to make these meals.
6.Once you have your ingredients on your grocery list, write down items for snacks, and if you didnt make a plan for all meals, write down what you need for breakfasts and/or lunches.
7.When you do go to the grocery store, stick to only what you have written down on your list. This will save you money!!
8.If you have to... try to only go to the store once in between major shopping trips to pick up fresh items.
9..Be flexible, things may come up, switch nights if you have to, its ok!
10.Post your meal plan on the fridge or wherever is convenient for you, this way your family can see it and they wont have to ask  "Whats for Dinner??" and neither will you!

I hope this helps


  1. This is a SUPER great post :) I've been looking for a menu plan template forever so thank you so much for posting this!

  2. you are very welcome Cecillia!