Friday, February 25, 2011

Whats Wrong With Today?

Monday always seems like a good day to start anything. Its the day I am going to start a new diet, start excerising, restart my journaling, call and make an appointment. But whats wrong with today? What am I  waiting for? We are always waiting for the right time to do something. We wait for the right time to tell someone we love them. We wait for summer to take a vacation. We wait for Monday to start a diet. We wait for a special occasion to call or see friends or family. We wait to Sunday to worship the Lord. Why are we waiting? We dont know if we will see another summer, another special occasion or even another Sunday. We wait for others to make the first move, or  a special occasion to use our good china, or the weekend to spend quality time with our families. But whats wrong with today? Why dont we call our mom or sister and tell them today we love them. Why dont we start excerising today? Why dont  we pray and give thanks to God for what we have today? Lets not wait for an opportunity to come before we do something, lets make today the day we do something we have been putting off. Start living today instead of waiting for the right time to come along. Dont wait for the conditions to be right, Dont make excuses. If you're not happy today, do something about it now. Dont look for a more convenient time. Just do it! So think about all the things you have been putting off, all the people we can call and tell them we love and care about them. All the fun things we can do with our families, all the things we can pray about. Pull out the good china, make your favorite dinner, read that book thats been sitting on the shelf, wear your best outfit. Just do it. Make today the day. Dont wait for the right time, make today the right time.


  1. Wonderlul... true words. I am soo proud of you.. God bless ..keep up the good work.

  2. Ouch, so true! Thanks for the reminder that everyday and minute counts. This is encouraging.