Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
I love the whole idea behind this day! Spreading love to everyone is a wonderful thing. But it can also be a sad day for some people. People who are alone, people experiencing a recent breakup and  people who have recently lost a loved one may have a depressing day. So lets make this day about spreading the love to everyone around us not just our significant others. Everyone needs love, everyone needs to feel appreciated and cared for. Carl and I dont really make a big deal of Valentine's Day. We would rather celebrate days that are important to our relationship, like the first day we met, the day we moved in together and birthdays, and the most important day to us, our anniversary(07/07/07)!!! We dont make big plans for dinner out or big gifts, or roses(not my favorite flower anyway!) Its the small things that we do everyday that mean more to us , like a small gift for no reason, a love note left on the computer screen or in someones lunch, a surprise candle light dinner in the middle of the week, or a cuddle while watching a movie! I love coming up with little ways to show Carl that I love him, but I dont need a special day to tell me to. I prefer using this day to tell people that I may not see everyday that I love them and I am thinking about them. So lets all spread the love,  call your parents and siblings and tell them you love them, let your best friends know how much they mean to you and smile at strangers you met today saying hello, do something nice for your neighbor and bring your coworkers a treat and lets make this the year that we spread the love everyday and not just on February 14th and make this the year the year that we show everyone in our lives the love!


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