Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where to start!

I believe that your home should reflect you and be a comfortable place to relax for you and your family. I also believe one of the greatest gifts you can give your family is a clean, organized home where they can feel comfortable inviting friends and family. A place they can have fun, a place filled with memories and things that mean the most to you and them. Now I now getting started can be very overwhelming. So I am going to share a few things to help you get started. And in the next coming weeks I will go into more detail about each.
1.I set a weekly cleaning schedule. I dont always follow the schedule exactly but its a good place to start. For example, Monday is bathroom day and cooking day, I make snack stuff for the week, like muffins, or crackers, etc(and every second week I make a meal plan and grocery list). Tuesday is bedroom and living room day, Wednesday is kitchen day and Thursday is sweeping, mopping and dusting day. Friday is usually a free day where I do stuff for me(like a facial or pedicure). Saturday Carl is home so we do stuff together that needs to be done around the house, and Sunday is a day if rest, where we do as little housework as possible and enjoy  the day together as a family.
2.I do a 15-20 minute cleanup around the house everyday. You wouldnt believe how much you get done in that short amount of time. I go around the house, putting stuff away that doesnt belong there, straightening stuff up, maybe it dusting or sweeping that needs done in between or a window that needs cleaned, what small things need cleaned up that you can get done in that time.
3. On top of my weekly schedule I have certain things that get done everyday. I make my bed, do dishes and make my sink shine.Its amazing how by doing those 2 things everyday can make your house feel neat and clean. Its nice to wake up to a clean sink and its even better to go to bed to a clean, made bed every night.
4.Laundry! I totally believe nothing says I love you more than having clean socks and underwear to put on( I can hear some of you laughing now). But by washing, drying and most importantly putting away clean clothes saves you and your family time each morning. No one likes a scavenger hunt during the chaos of getting ready for the day.
5.Declutter!!!! I know this is hard, but its really about getting rid of stuff that doesnt matter to us, the things that really make our house messy. One of my favorite sayings is "The most important things in life...arent things" We are all slaves to things and our possessions. We work to have things but when it comes down to it they arent important. So here is a challenge to do this week: Set a timer for 20 minutes, grab a trash bag and walk through your house, throwing away stuff. Throw away old magazines, broken toys, paper, etc. The rule is if you havent used it for a year then either give it away or trash it! Clutter attracts clutter! Take this challenge, you wont regret it and trust me you wont miss any of these things. Things will never make you happy. Unused clutter will only weigh you down. So only keep things that mean something to you, let go of things that dont. Give them away to people who may actually need them, you will feel good for sharing with  those that are less fortunate.

Cleaning your home is just a routine and once you establish the habit, your family will always feel loved!
In the next few weeks on Wednesdays I will go into further detail about each of these.  Soon  I am going to introduce my throw away a thing a day Challenge!Have fun decluttering this week!


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