Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays!

I have always considered myself a positive "glass is half full " kinda girl. Dont get me wrong I have bad days, where I can be negative, but the majority of the time I take pride in the fact that I am upbeat and can see the good in most things. Last year when making my New Year resolutions I decided it was going to be the year of "positivity". I made the decision to try to be even more positive than I normally am. Because I believe that life is what we make it and if we continually see the negative then our lives will ultimately become a vicious cycle of negativity. I take great pleasure in enjoying  even the simpliest things like a clean bathroom and instead of complaining about a snow storm I see the wonderous white beauty of it. Life is what you make it and our thoughts can determine how we feel about our lives. So why not make them positive thoughts?  Earlier in this blog I wrote a list of 100 things I am greatful for, so now every Tuesday I am going to compile a short list of the things that I am greatful for this week! Here is this weeks list:

1. the beauty of winter
2.my past experiences(good and bad) cause they make up who I am today
3.Pledge Multi Surface...this stuff rocks, I have been using it on everything!
4.Finding and trying new recipes
5. trying to stick to my schedule(not always done but I am trying!)


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