Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Febuary Goals

1.Be quick to listen and slow to speak
2.Continue my Pray For Your Husband Challenge
3. Come up with something special for Valentine's Day
4.Plan our once a month date night

1.Continue the Ruth Bible Study
2.Better schedule my quiet and prayer time everyday
3.Try to find some way to get more involved in our church

1.Make my bed and shine my sink everyday
2.Make a weekly cleaning schedule and stick to it
3.Look for new bathroom flooring and countertop
4.Find new mats for kitchen and dinning room
5.Find some new candles

1.Walk everyday
2.Make a "30 minute" workout schedule and stick to it
3. Get my hair done and colored
4.Throw out old makeup and get new stuff
5.Get a pedicure

Fun Stuff
1.Superbowl Party
2.Daytona Party
3.Find new recipes to try
4.Stay Positve and live with joy and gratitude!

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