Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Making your Home a Haven Wednesday

I love being a homemaker. I take great pride in having a clean house. I love decorating our home with things that we love, that mean something to us and things that make us comfortable. I love welcoming friends and family to our home and making them comfortable. Not everyone enjoys housecleaning or decorating. Most people dont get as excited as I do over a clean shiny sink or an organized closet. Plus we dont always have the time with our busy schedules. So every Wednesday I will share some of my ideas, tips and tricks on how you can make your house a Haven for you and your family.

Here are a few of the ideas to come in the next few weeks:
1.Easy steps to getting started on a cleaner home
2.Making a daily or weekly cleaning schedule
3.Steps to Decluttering
4.Surrounding yourself with only the things you love
5.My Throw Away A Thing A Day Challenge
6.DIY projects

If there any topics you want discussed just let me know, soon we will all have a shiny sink!!!


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