Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Date Night

Marriage is sooo important and we must take it seriously. Whether we have children or not we must take time for each other. Carl and I dont have have any children(unless you count our 2 fur kids!) so its easier for us to take the time we need to work on our marriage, but we all need to water and nurture our marriages to make them grow and flourish. A great way to do this is to take time for a Date Night. So I have made a list of 25 ideas for dates. Some dont cost a cent, spending money doesnt make a date great, the quality and time spend together is what is really important.

1. Walk to a bakery and buy each other a treat then stop in a park or even a park bench to enjoy them together.
2. Date in a box- pick a random box and spend time decorating it together and and put ideas and items in the box you can use for future dates.
3. Greeting card date- make a list of all birthdays, holidays and special occasions you may need cards for this year, go to the dollarstore together and pick out random cards, dont think about it just have fun picking out funny cards, go home and assign each cards to an occasion, they dont have to match, you will giggle about them later, have fun!
4.Living room camp-out! get out some camping gear like camping chairs and sleeping bags, make some treats, turn off the light and use flashlights!
5. Repeat your first ate as close as you can
6.Go to the dollarstore and each pick out an activity to do, dont let the other person see it till you leave the store and go do that activity, some examples include a kids kite or canvasses and paints!
7. Photo Safari- take a digital camera and either drive or walk around town taking pictures of places that have special meaning to you.
8.Check out a book from the library on paper airplanes and make them and have a flying contest
9. Make a time capsule to give to your future or present children in the future
10. Get take out, dress up and decorate your dinning room and pretend you are in in an expensive restuarant
11.Slumber party- rent a movie get snacks and get in your pjs and cuddle on the floor with blankets and pillows
12. Test drive a car together
13. Go out for desert and coffee
14.Play board games and have prizes
15.Sit outside somewhere and read a book together, taking turns reading out load to each other
16.Take a dance, yoga or painting class together
17.Have a "youtube" date
18.Hit the local video arcade
19. Research your family tree together, or talk to you elders about their lives, record your family history
20. Create your own couples website-include your love story, info about yourself, pictures,etc
21.Go picking fruit or veggies together- whatever is in season
22. Stargazing-drive to an open field, bring a blanket, a snack and a bottle of wine or sparkling cider and cuddle up and watch the stars together
23. Write out 50 questions and ask them while on a dinner date, get to know each other
24. Dream House Hunting- go for a Sunday drive and check out open houses, ones you think you could never afford.
25. Pick a letter date- have your spouse pick a letter and plan all activities, food, dress and conversation around topics that start with that letter!

I hope this list sparks some ideas for a fun date night for you and your spouse. Its important to invest time into your marriage, its the most important relationship you  will ever have, take a little time to enjoy, get to know and spoil the one you choose to spend your life with. Let us know what works for you or if you have any other ideas please share them, cant wait to hear your ideas!!!


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