Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Inspiration Babble!

Have you ever suffered from a lack of inspiration?? I am having the opposite problem lately. I have so many ideas floating around in my head about what I want to blog about that I can not focus on just one. Every night when I lay down in the last couple weeks I have a hard time falling asleep cause I am writing blog posts as I lay there, they are great posts.... I really should get up and write them down!!! I have been doing alot of research on marriage topics and I have alot of thoughts that I will be hopefully sharing with you in the near future. I have also joined Pinterest lately and I am really inspired by some of the great ideas I have found on there( if you havent been on Pinterest...its very addicting). I have some great recipes and a few projects we have been up to around the house to share with you soon too!

 As much as all this inspiration has been frustrating in that I cant decide where to start its also wonderful to be filled with so many ideas and thoughts. This blog is all about living your life with joy and gratitude and be thankful for everything you have. Its nice to start a new year with a renewed sense of  those things. It really is a choice to live your life full of joy and gratitude, it makes everyday more special and fulfilling.So I am greatful for all this inspiration, it makes me feel alive and productive. Now I just need to hunker down and focus this inspiration into something tangible, something that I can share with all of you. If you have any ideas of on how I can get myself more focused I would love to hear from you!!!


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