Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 4 of the 35 till 35 Photo Challenge

Today was a hard one to decide on,  a photo of something you love, I have so many things this could be but I finally decided on this.......
My bouquet from my wedding. They are artificial. I saw them in a craft shoppe after Carl and I got engaged and loved the colors. So I bought them to use as a reference for the colors I wanted in our wedding, it looked so summery and our wedding was July 7. When it came time to pick out flowers I thought why dont I just use them, so almost 5 years later here they are, they have a special place near or wedding picture in our livingroom so we can see them everyday!

This picture came in a close second but the sentimentalness of the flowers won out!!
I love my wine rack Carl got me last year for Christmas and of course I love a good bottle of wine!

Hope everyone is having a blessed weekend

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